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● Extremely high integration, suoer small physical volum(only 38mm X 75mmX8MM),conveninent to integrate single car DVD and double DIN DVD.
● Abundant interfaces,perfect with car DVD to combine, the function expands huge potentials.
● Support various video output formats and resolutions, can output RGB,YpbPr, S-video, CVBS video ,bi-audio output, can directly connect with the AV(AUDIO AND VIDEO)of DVD in the car.
● CVBS, the Y/C can select PAL or NTSC output, Can set brightness, contrast, color, saturstion.
● CVBS,Y/C, YpbPr can put output the resolutions are 320X240,480X234ect., pass jump resisor to change setting.
● The RGB output the resolutions are 320X240, 480X234,640X480,or other ,and adjust the brightness and contrast.
● super strong adaptabililty:display size adjustable and display position adjustable.
Glibly playthe MP3/AVI multi-media files
● Support text file read,pictures browse
● Support navigations’voice precedence function.(automatically play navigation speech when customer watch DVD if have already navigation hint.)
● Remote controller and touch screen operation. Suppor vivid touch screen operation, conveninent integrates with car DVD to share with touch screen. Can pass the way that the hardware switch mode (relay or analogue switch )or sofrware agreement (series port,SPI) to share with touch screen.
● Select SIRF STAR III extremely high sense degree GPS receiver module, can use to the circumstance and accurately fix position under the signal is very weak.
● The SD card stores Navigation software or multi-media files.
● Support the NAND FLASH of the largest 8GB, can input Navigation software and map, or multi-media files.
● Upgrate the OS and all software through the SD card 9as like MAP etc.)
● Wince6.0 OS , support 18kinds of language..
GPS system     : Windows ce6.0
CPU                   : SIRFatlsaV AT551
MAX frequency :  600MHz
RAM                   : 128MB
ROM                  :128MB
USB                   :8G
SD                      :8G
Media format    :MP3 ,AVI
Image output    :RGB ,CVBS(PAL/NTSC)
Signal port        : COM2 4800
Reset button    :YES
Dimensions     :113.7*85*26mm

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